Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

A month back the inaugural Eat Clean healthy blended healthy juice recipe, “The Healthy Elvis,” was introduced.


While that’s a fun recipe to switch things up, this one has become a part of the regular rotation as somewhat of a dessert.

These are the six favorite vegetables and fruits added to the daily blend of fresh juice.

It’s a quick way to cheat towards the R.D.A. of veggies and fruits, especially since it’s not always easy to get the full servings of fruits and especially vegetables as only around 10% of Americans get the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables.

Most importantly though, this recipe tastes super good!


Though the first time I heard about adding spinach to fruits I thought it didn’t sound great, one sip was all that was needed to be convinced otherwise!  A huge handful is always added to the fresh juice, but the more the merrier, (as you can’t even detect it-the cherries, bananas, and pineapple overpower it).

Fun fact about spinach; rats fed spinach powder saw a 24% increase in grip strength over the control group.  Popeye knew something about this natural anabolic all along.




Any dark leafy green is really healthy, and kale is one of the darkest.  Kale is bitter, so is not as tasteless as spinach, but not nose pinching either.

Fun fact; kale used to mostly be used as decoration surrounding buffet food until it’s relatively recent popularity as a healthy green/superfood.



Frozen Tart Cherries (fights inflammation, helps sleep)

I get these in bulk at Costco and put a small handful in each fresh juice, and the bag lasts a month.  They show up tastewise more than any of the ingredients, and make the juice super addictive.



Frozen Bananas (provides a GREAT source of preworkout fuel, and is great for recovery too).


I pre slice these about an inch apart then roll them in parchment paper and throw in the freezer.  They act as the “ice cubes” with the cherries and pineapple, which transforms this super juice into an especially refreshing cool drink.




Ginger (great for digestion, nausea.)

Never having used ginger until about a year and a half ago, it’s hard to imagine what I’d without it now, as it’s put into a variety of foods including homemade digestion tea, veggie stir fry, granola, (and always in the fresh juice now).

A heaping minced teaspon adds an addictive bite.



Frozen Pineapple 

I just started adding frozen pineapple into the mix when seeing it at a great price at ALDI a month or so back.  Only a tablespoon or two is added but it packs a nice tropical punch.  As soon as it was added into the mix, it was obvious the body was craving something unique within in.

After looking at the amazing amount of surprising benefits it has, it’s was easy to see why.


Bonus options for added protein, calories, and extra taste, (transforms it into a smoothie).

Lately this has turned more decadent with the addition of whole plain yogurt and unsweetened vanilla almond milk, (not to mention the pineapple).  These were both mention in the post ALDI’s Top 10 “Eat Clean” Food Items at a Healthy Price.

Yogurt (Unsweetened Plain)

Any flavored yogurt has a ton of sugar added usually. Even regular plain yogurt has an adequate amount of sugar from the lactose, and there is also plenty of added sweetness from the other ingredients.  It adds a nice tang.

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Adds a nice hint of vanilla to the mix, and it’s a slight thickening agent, as there is a noticeable difference when using instead of water.

Try this “recipe” out, you will not believe how good it is!




25 thoughts on “Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

  1. I love spinach as you know, but freely admit to being grossed out at grinding it up in a drink 😛 And Kale! haha I have lots of friends who would prefer to continue to use it as decoration. I actually love kale cooked with walnuts, it sounds gross but it’s just like warmed spinach, and the addition of walnuts is a bonus too. Love the frozen banana idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you! I thought it would be awful too..well the kale you definitely taste, but the spinach you don’t even taste (I’ve got a pretty sensitive taste buds too). Kale’s definitely an acquired taste lol; lemon cuts down on the bitternes though 🙂 I’m going to definitely try that kale/walnut combo, I don’t have a very broad recipe selection when it comes to kale, so looking forward to that!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well to each their own, but the first nibble sent me gagging. it was when I was doing an iodine article and read seaweed had the highest content of any food so of course I’m like ” let’s get some!” No. Just no.

        Liked by 1 person

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