Top 5 Eat Clean Foods For Dogs

Though I’m not dog dietitian, these are five foods that have made an amazing impact in the quality of Stella’s life, reducing the magnitude of her arthritis pain, and greatly improving her energy level.

Trail makes it much easier on arthritis!

The idea to add a lot of these “Eat Clean Dog Foods” came from “The Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer,” website after researching ways to alleviate Stella’s arthritis, and reading the comments from people on the website saying what a remarkable difference the food made.

Since supplementing her diet with these foods, there has been a dramatic change with her energy levels, and happiness.

Bone Broth

IMG_7678Dog’s need protein, and since a lot of dogs foods, (especially the more affordable brands) have an imbalance with too much filler ingredients that aren’t alway optimal for dog health, a splash of protein rich bone broth in the kibble can be a really helpful addition for any dog, but especially for an aging dog, helping alleviate joint pain, soothing the stomach, as well as a ton of other benefits.

Sweet Potatoes

This has been noticed towards the top of the ingredients on most of the expensive IMG_9717dog food I’ve looked at.  Making it yourself is easy, and saves a ton over what you would pay in dog bag form.  Just chop it and cook it, then mash it.  About 1/4 of a cup of this mash, (mixed in along with the peas, carrots, and turmeric) is added twice daily into her dog food.

A bag can be bought for only $1.69 at Trader Joe’s.  It can also be chopped up and frozen ahead of time for easy preparation.  Here’s a list of the many benefits.

Coconut Oil

IMG_9569Noticeably good for the coat, and for digestion.

A heaping teaspoon is added into her dog food twice a day.  After a glance on the American Kennel Club’s website, there are way more benefits than ever imagined.



Turmeric really is amazing for both humans and dogs!  Especially older dogs.  Great for inflammation, it seems to have really helped the arthritis and stiffness Stella has as much as anything that’s been added.  A heaping tablespoon is added to her mash mixture, (which lasts about four days.)  Here’s an important resource to look at before adding it to the kibble.  It appears to be perfectly fine for dogs, but like all these foods you want to gradually incorporate it into the diet.

Carrots and PeasIMG_6261

These are added along with the sweet potatoes, then mashed up, and added into her dog food along with a tbs of coconut oil, fish oil, and a splash of bone broth).  Here’s a top five list of carrot benefits.  The American Kennel Club says peas, “are among the healthiest human food for dogs,” as well as these other benefits.

Honorable Mention

Fish Oil/Wild Fish – List of the many benefits here.

Vitamin E – List of benefits here.

Eggs – Benefits here.

Another bonus with all of these foods is that they’re extremely healthy for humans too, so a special trip to the grocer isn’t required, and whatever the dog doesn’t eat, you can (or vice versa).

It doesn’t take much beyond a little attention and a daily hike to make a dog happy, but as I’ve learned over the past few years, the food you feed them makes a world of difference too!

One of Stella’s besties, Leo the Aussie Shepherd, (who passed in October.)  RIP Leo.



13 thoughts on “Top 5 Eat Clean Foods For Dogs

  1. Because I am especially partial to dog/pet treatment [since they depend on us and trust us], I find this post to be the most valuable I have read, SSFT. While we have incorporated some of these into our past dogs’ diets, it’s helpful to A. have our practices confirmed by someone more knowledgeable B. get more ideas for making older dogs comfortable in those later years. Now…it’s time for me to get another dog. Love the dog pics, by the way.

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