The Opposite Diet

After that Sunday pie post, I knew redemption was in order with a post highlighting a healthy food that is the antithesis of Coconut Cream Pie.  What is the most commonly reviled food for most human beings of any age?


Brussels Sprouts!

Actually, I’ve been meaning to make Brussel Sprouts since reading a post about how delicious they could be, along with some fun facts in a veggie spotlight post by sassyfitnesschick about sweet potatoes.

After reading that post the only thing left to do was to keep an eye out for some fresh and/or sale priced Brussel Sprouts at the grocer, and then roast them up. So while finishing up a shopping trip at Costco Monday an organic 2 lb. bag of them was spotted, and quickly put in the cart.

Quick note:  It’s really cool how much valuable content you pick up on WordPress, whether it be writing tips, recipes, food reviews, exercise ideas, suggestions, etc.

One quick fun fact about Brussels Sprouts; one of martial artist/B movie actor Jean Claude Van Damme’s nicknames, being born in Brussels, Belgium (the birthplace of Brussels Sprouts) was “the Muscles from Brussels.”

Legend has it, for the scene below, (as seen in the “Bloodsport” movie,) the director of the film told Jean Claude that some famously good Coconut Cream Pie was going to be served on set for lunch break, but when he arrived at the buffet was filled with cans of Brussels Sprouts instead:


Anywho, this was the first time ever cooking Brussels Sprouts, and I found a recipe online from the New York Times that had 2,082 reviews(!) with a rating of 5.0 (out out of 5,) so I used that one, and shadowed the recipe, tripling the amount of garlic cloves (as is always done for any recipe containing garlic).  The oil was also reduced to about 2 tablespoons, as the 4-6 tablespoons of olive oil seemed excessive.  Also, the recipe called for 1 lb. of Brussels Sprouts, and I had 2 lbs. but the oil was still plenty.

First impressions?  Spectacular!!  Each crispy bite erased traumatic childhood memories of meals that contained soggy Brussels sprouts.


I’ll probably roast them for a tad longer next time and shake the pan every 10 minutes for more well rounded crispiness, but they were easily cooked well enough al the way through.  The added oil would probably encourage more browning too, so I may add another tablespoon next time. More garlic will definitely be used next time too.

I don’t reckon I would have been inspired to make Brussels Sprouts for the first time without seeing that post with such tasty looking sprouts, so I’m passing this post along thinking it similarly inspires another blogger to try them out for the first time (or first time in a while, or first time making fresh ones).


Maybe it will become a chainmail type of response, and become the next trendy hip food for 2018.

Either way, it’s a food that is definitely going to become a regular part of the rotation (as long as it’s fresh and on sale (or fresh at a good price like at Costco).



26 thoughts on “The Opposite Diet

    1. Haha, nope! But I did share it, so only ate about a pound lol. I looked it up though, and surprisingly only 38 calories a cup, so with the oil it was probably under 200 calories total. Amazing how calorie poor vegetables can be despite taking up a lot of room on the plate!

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    1. The crispiness and the roasted garlic make them so good!! I’m definitely going to roast them, and turn them a little longer next time for even more char. Thanks for the inspiration!

      Yeah, I was driving through Wisconsin last Saturday, and happened upon a town (population 66) that had world famous pie! Was soo good!

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  1. Oh I so love both toasted Brussels sprouts and that Van Damme movie!!! I was just thinking about trying my roasted Brussels sprouts with nutritional yeast on them:)

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