Top 5 New Eat Clean Foods

Discovering (or rediscovering) a new food of the eat clean variety, is kind of like discovering a new book, or hearing a piece of information that you wonder in hindsight what you would have done without because it added so much to your life. In the case of food, it’s more that it added so much increased energy to your life, and/or reduced pain, sped up healing, or just made food tastier!

These are some eat clean foods that I may have known about, but had never eaten until the past few years, but now use on a weekly (sometimes almost daily basis.)


The only use of ginger I ever had use for up until the last few years was the infantile amount drowned in sugar that was found in “ginger ale.”

One fateful day at the co-op though, the stomach was bothering so I ordered a ginger “Zizzer” which was a pressed fresh ginger drink along with lemon juice, turmeric, and honey.  Each biting sip of this ginger heavy drink knocked my socks off, and immediately helped the stomach, and so some fresh ginger was bought, and a homemade version of that drink has been made ever since.

Favorite Uses: That aforementioned Cold Buster Haymaker “Tea” Recipe, plus it’s always an addition to the veggie stir fry now, as well as the lemon ginger granola (recipe coming at some point,) and most recently butternut squash soup. Adds a lemony bite to anything.

Haymaker “Tea.”  Stir and sip, or whisk and slam! Ooo e!

Apple Cider Vinegar

I remember thrifting the Bragg Family book “Apple Cider Vinegar, Miracle Health System” from Goodwill a few years ago, and paging through it and being impressed with all the seemingly supernatural benefits that proponents of apple cider vinegar claimed. The book mostly sat on the shelf for a few years, but the many benefits of A.C.V. Kept being heard, so I bought a first bottle, and now a few years later it’s something that’s used at least a few times a week now, easily going through a dozen bottles a year.

Favorite Uses: A tablespoon or two in the cold-buster drink, also a heaping tablespoon whenever a rare case of heartburn strikes.  Also, sometimes used in recipes or salad dressing.

Coconut Oil

Depending on the amount consumed this might not be considered an eat clean food, but in moderation I think it definitely is. There’s good arguments either way as island people like the Polynesians have a diet consisting largely of coconut oil, and have virtually no heart or cholesterol related diseases; rather it’s when the modern, processed diet is introduced to any population, where problems start occurring. “The China Study” is a good book to check out regarding what happens when the modern processed diet is introduced into a previous healthy population.

Stovetop popcorn w/Nutritonal Yeast

Favorite Uses: Making stovetop popcorn, and also as the “wet” ingredient to coat the oats and millet for homemade granola. Hair conditioner.  Adding to the dog food for numerous benefits. Most recently I started “oil pulling” with coconut oil too; it’s a Ayurvedic tradition at least 5,000 years old, approved by the Mayo Clinic for oral health.



When I was working at the co-op I kept hearing about turmeric. So many people were raving about the benefits, and how good it is for inflammation, and how it can

Miss Turmeric (Stella).

also be used in recipes.  After finding out how long it’s been around for, and how it’s one of the more studied spices and supplements, a small amount was purchased in the bulk bin, and added into the cold buster drink. Now it’s personally consumed a few times a week, and the dog consumes it a few times a day! It seems like there is more good news being discovered about turmeric all the time.


Favorite Uses: The difference it’s made in the quality of the Stella’s life by adding it to her dog food has been amazing, and I’ll always be a huge proponent of it’s benefits for that alone. A tablespoon is always added to the cold-buster drink as well. Sometimes it’s used in recipes (but not nearly enough, soon though!)


This Russian tea is the go to drink whenever a stomach ache occurs, or when too IMG_9790much food is eaten.

You can actually feel it working it’s way through your digestive system, breaking things down like a fermented mini Mike Tyson. The fermentation gives the feel good fizz akin to the carbonated satisfaction of a soda pop sip, (without the colossal sugar crash).  Beware though, I notice a lot of the new Kombucha’s on the market have way too much added sugar (I would aim for no more than 6 grams of sugar per serving).

Honorable mention


(Mentioned here in “Eat Clean Food Focus, Mighty Millet.”)

Winter Squash

Previously, this was a Thanksgiving Day afterthought, an oft unchosen dish picked at like a scab, usually a tablespoons worth chosen for the plate just in case the host was watching (of which only half would be consumed). After making soup out of it though, a whole new perspective was gained. It lends magical powers when eaten.


Keen. Wah. I kept hearing about Quinoa when first starting to personal train professionally in 2011. It seemed like it was being mentioned every few minutes. Quinoa. Quinoa. Quinoa. Familiarity was breeding contempt for this previously unheard of food that I kept hearing about. Finally it was tried, and it quickly became a weekly staple in this dish from “Oh She Glows,” as well as being added into the daily “super oats.”  Pretty soon I was the one following people around with a quinoa infused dish, asking them if they had tried it. I had become a Quin-iac.

Brussel’s Sprouts:

You won’t believe how tasty these can be when roasted with a little olive oil and garlic! (Mentioned here in The Opposite Diet)



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  1. I love ginger for stomachaches, especially Kevita’s sparkling probiotic drink with ginger! A little goes a long way though. Have you ever tried ginger beer? I’m not sure how much sugar is in it, but it’s more like kombucha and not nearly as sweet as gingerale.

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