A Miracle – CBD Oil

I had to share the amazing experience I’ve recently had with CBD oil.  It’s a relatively new product in the Minnesota market, just arriving in the past year and a half.


I was first exposed to it while working at the health and wellness department of the Mississippi Market co-op a year and a half ago when it first arrived in the store, placed in a glass case under lock and key at the wellness desk, due to popularity and price.

It became available in Minnesota after getting congressional approval after a few years of efforts-largely led by parents of children who suffer frequent seizures, who had witnessed first hand this products ability to reduce seizures, (when a lot of over the counter drugs had not worked nearly as well-not to mention being much more expensive).

Within a few months of carrying the CBD oil, customers would come into the store to relate how this product had changed their life, (when a lot of expensive pharmaceutical drugs had little to no effect in comparison).

Being a skeptic I don’t typically believe something without seeing it for myself first, but the excitement in the customers eyes as they related how beneficial the product piqued the interest.

One woman in particular mentioned how she had some kind of condition on her foot for years and how nothing had worked for it, but she had bought some of the CBD oil and used it on her foot, and the problem disappeared.   It sounded too good to be true, but her elation left a memorable impression.

Someone else who never posted on facebook related how her son had been suffering from terrible anxiety and sleeplessness for years had completely changed for the better as a result of CBD oil, (even though she was a huge skeptic of it,) and she wrote how she had to share the results as a non believer.

Fast forward a year and a half, where a few weeks ago I picked a spray bottle of medium strength CBD oil to see if it would help with the insomnia, (which I’ve always had to varying degrees).

In the past I have tried just about everything to help fall asleep in including all the typical methods, (counting sheep, melatonin, warm bath, chamomile tea, meditation, hypnosis CD’s-most of which had little to no effect).  Actually the “Insomnia Cure” hypnosis CD by Rick Collingwood did help a lot and I would highly recommend it, but there were still a lot of nights where the eyelids wouldn’t want to stay closed, even as the mind started to drift off.

(It was like the boat to dreamland was setting sail, but the eyelids wanting to stay open kept me anchored awake).

So making the eyelids heavy was often an obstacle to falling asleep (once falling asleep, I usually sleep fine).

That first night I tried CBD oil, with a few sprays in the mouth an hour before hitting the hay I wasn’t expecting much, but to unbelievable surprise, I felt my eyelids getting heavy, and I fell asleep within a half hour of lying down!

It’s worked every night since too, and it’s mind blowing after trying so many other things through the years, and now I can completely understand the rave reviews of people who have experienced similar benefits from CBD oil.

It has an extremely wide range of benefits beyond insomnia too, some of which are pictured below, as verified by research carried out by various respected institutions all over the world.


As mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve been a big disbeliever in 90% of supplements in the market, but this is truly a miraculous product that I couldn’t recommend any higher, and if you’re suffering from insomnia or anxiety I would give it a shot.

Also, there’s no need to worry about the legality of it any longer:


I’m of course not affiliated with, or sponsored by any CBD oil manufacturers, but want to spread the word of how amazing it is, so that others can similarily benefit! 


13 thoughts on “A Miracle – CBD Oil

  1. Interesting content. I of course had never heard of it, but when a thumbs-up comes from someone who is a healthy skeptic, that is cause for attention. Well done. In the meantime, I’m still trying to figure out [but not purchase] products like mushroom coffee and mushroom hot cacao mix. Whoa… Keep up the good work.

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    1. Haha, I know what you mean about the mushroom coffee and other assorted health-ish products coming into the market at a ferocious pace. I noticed that mushroom coffee in particular quite a bit lately; I think I’ll stick with the French Roast, and stick to eating, (rather than drinking) mushrooms. i found two morels yesterday actually while gardening, quite tasty!

      Thanks lol!

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  2. **Mushroom coffee** say what ?? Wow, thanks for sharing! That’s pretty impressive. My son has never slept well, this might be something to inquire on. I think in time, we will see this widespread and more available.

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  3. I also recommend CBD oil, CBD helps me a lot From a long time I had a hair loss problem and I search for this many websites and treatments and I found CBD oil and these CBD products helped me a lot. And from my point of view, CBD is quite good and very useful in today’s time.

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    1. Nice! Thanks fot the feedback and info about CBD helping hair loss (didn’t know that). I’ll have to tell my balding brother about it lol!

      It is amazing how many things it helps with, and I agree it’s very useful today, possibly more than ever with all the side effects that modern medication can often come with.


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