Best Black Bean Burger Recipe Ever

Over the past few years I’ve experimented with a half dozen different black bean burger recipes, and though they’ve all been good, and slightly different from one another, I recently came across the best Black Bean Burger recipe to date!

This black bean burger recipe journey started few years ago after I tried a bite from a dining companion who had ordered one from a restaurant, and was surprised by how good it was.

I related this experience to a Hmong training client whose family had owned a restaurant for a long time, and she confidently said that she was in possession of the best black bean burger recipe, and brought it in a few days later.  A few days after that I made the recipe (to rave reviews all around,) and made it quite a few times in the weeks after, then moved onto trying different recipes and forgot about black bean burgers for a year or so.

Fast forward to earlier this year, and the black bean burger cravings started again, but I had misplaced the recipe and no matter where I looked it couldn’t be found!  She hadn’t been able to locate it either, so I tried a few different online recipes, and though they were all good, none quite matched up to the original one.

That is until a few weeks ago when I decided to try another recipe, the attempt inspired by the bold declaration, “The Best Black Bean Burger.”

The process for this black bean burger recipe was a bit different than the other recipes, but similarly simple to make.  Going through the step by step process, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but hoped I wouldn’t be wasting ingredients, and be forced to stuff it down without actually enjoying it!

Thankfully, when the first bite was taken, the taste buds were blown away!


The addition of the chipotle mayo really added another element to it, and the addition of cheese makes for a very filling black bean burger that rivals any beef burger.  There’s so much complex carbs within the beans, so I’ve never used a bun for these, but they are so good it doesn’t need anything else anyway.

An Improvised Chipolte Mayo (didn’t have the adobo sauce).

These were so delicious I ended up making them the very next night, and have made them twice since, and have all ready picked up a green bell pepper in anticipation of making them again tomorrow night.  There’s never any leftovers.

If you haven’t tried making homemade black bean burgers, or have but want to try an extremely good recipe, I couldn’t recommend this one any higher!

I’ve always thought it’s impossible to match a good beef burger when matched up against any black bean burger, but after eating making these it’s honestly a toss up, and I could go either way if given the choice.

Here’s the recipe link:

26 thoughts on “Best Black Bean Burger Recipe Ever

  1. I noticed the Fool Proof claim at the top of the recipe. I’ve proved many of those claims wrong. Adding black beans to the shopping list now. 👨‍🍳

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  2. So glad you liked my comment on Stay Fit about the food desert. I will follow your blog for some new ideas. I am doing a shapeshift right now…time to improve my image & comfort. Found a local gym, the pool has opened & it all feels so great! Thanks for putting info up which I can follow & rely upon. I appreciate you. 🙂 Carol

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      1. I made one the other day with chick peas but I made it with my own ideas and the patties turned out more like bread🤦🏻‍♀️…which is kinda cool but not what I wanted to eat at the time! Haha. I’ll use yours next time I make them n I’ll let you know how they turn out for me. Thanks again!!

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      2. Nice, I’ll have to try the chickpeas burgers, never thought of that (I’m still a chickpea novice, having only made hummus, and spicy chickpeas in the oven lol). It’s always a few trials and errors when trying out a new recipe, that’s for sure. But that’s why cooking is an art I guess : ) Luckily these burgers aren’t dry at all, (especially with the aioli) so you’ll have veggie burger redemption!

        I look forward to your first heavenly bite, you’ll be surprised how good a black bean burger can be!!

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