Shape Shifters Fitness was formed knowing that the biggest obstacle for starting a fitness regimen is gaining momentum at the start, and the biggest fear is often walking in the front door of a gym.

With Shape Shifters Fitness, both of those fears can be greatly reduced or eliminated, because Nick can come to your home, (or place of business) and efficiently teach you how to workout, and build the confidence to do so on your own.

With over 6 years of professional experience, (as well as volunteer martial arts teaching experence) and having a ton of client success at Anytime Fitness South St. Paul, earning Personal Trainer of the Year, as well as being selected as a nationwide Virtual Trainer and Creative Writer for Anytime Fitness corporate, Nick has the experience, knowledge, passion, results, and determination to help you towards a healthier and stronger life.  I’ve had great mentors, and everything I’ve learned is condensed and passed onto you.

I strongly believe in a clean lifestyle, absent of any performance enhancers (besides quality food).  I do juice almost daily, (but only with vegetables in the blender,) and I will never sell supplements of any kind, (though I’ve been asked countless times).  I know exactly what works to maximize your goals of the training and nutrition variety, without any shortcuts-though clients have had an amazing amount of success in a very short amount of time, often as little as a month, just training once or twice a week.

A personal code of honor, honesty, and an extremely strong conscience is of prime importance for everything that is practiced and taught to my students.




Practicing the “Lui Kang Bicycle Kick” on the outdoor heavy bag.