7 Super Simple Eat Clean Shopping Thrift Tip’s

I was at my best buddies house the other day, and he was relaying the latest misinformation he had heard regarding healthy food consumption.  After debunking the information, (via an angry rant) he said with exasperation, “it’s so confusing with all the conflicting information.”  Laid out below are some tips I mentioned to simplify the… Continue reading 7 Super Simple Eat Clean Shopping Thrift Tip’s

Eat Clean Challenge #4

I was doing some thrifting at Goodwill yesterday; well not actually thrifting, more so browsing the book section, treating it as a library and not planning on buying anything.  Sometimes I buy a book for my friend to Plant a Fitness Seed, but yesterday it was just the usual browsing of the books in the… Continue reading Eat Clean Challenge #4

The Processed Food Matrix

Remember the scene in “The Matrix” where Neo has the choice of taking the red pill to open his eyes to the reality of what actually is, or taking the blue pill and remaining comfortable, but blind to the reality of things? A similar choice occurs within The Processed Food Matrix we live in today.… Continue reading The Processed Food Matrix

Eat Clean Food Swap Challenge #1

Here’s the challenge:. Try swapping out Dairy Milk for Unsweetened Almond Milk for just one week. It sounds impossible if you’re a regular milk drinker, and had you told me about 7 years ago that I wouldn’t be drinking milk today, there would have been disbelief, as I was averaging at least 1/4 gallon a day.… Continue reading Eat Clean Food Swap Challenge #1

Costco’s Top 10 “Eat Clean” items at a Healthy Price

“If it tastes good, spit it out.” Jack LaLanne (50’s Fitness Guru) Following yesterday’s post, “ALDI’s Top 10 “Eat Clean” Food Items at a Healthy Price,” I had the idea off of a few other wordpressers varied food reviews of items from some of my favorite grocers (ALDI, CostCo, Trader Joe’s,) I knew I had to make… Continue reading Costco’s Top 10 “Eat Clean” items at a Healthy Price

Eat Clean Challenge #3 “Flyer Liar’s”

Do you know what a “Flyer Liar” is? If not, here’s the challenge; next time you get coupon’s from a grocer in the mail, look at the discounted “food” within it.  Then discount it. Every time you get coupons in the mailbox, ask yourself, is this food healthy, or is it a nutritional sin, masquerading as… Continue reading Eat Clean Challenge #3 “Flyer Liar’s”

Eat Clean Fortune Cookie Tip #2

What is the common base for most processed and boxed foor, whether it’s crackers, sweets, breads, pastas, etc.?   Wheat, usually refined and often accompanied by corn, soy, cheap unhealthy oil(s), and salt and sugar in overabundant amounts. It’s hard to avoid, the only way to know is by looking at the ingredients, but one… Continue reading Eat Clean Fortune Cookie Tip #2