Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

A month back the inaugural Eat Clean healthy blended healthy juice recipe, “The Healthy Elvis,” was introduced. While that’s a fun recipe to switch things up, this one has become a part of the regular rotation as somewhat of a dessert. These are the six favorite vegetables and fruits added to the daily blend of fresh… Continue reading Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

Eat Clean Recipe “The Healthy Elvis”

“There’s only one cure for this body of mine That’s to have that “Healthy Elvis” that I love so fine! Mm mm mm, mm, yay, yay It’s all shook (or blended) up” (Thought by historians to be the original lyrics for the Elvis hit “All Shook Up.” First off, the confession must be made I’m… Continue reading Eat Clean Recipe “The Healthy Elvis”

Winter Eat Clean Meal Challenge #1

Acorn squash gives me magical powers. The first time I ever made it was a year ago in the Fall, when it was in season and on sale at the co-op.  I had the Ambiano blender ($70 Aldi vitamix knockoff that is very comparable which I’ve gotten a ton of use out of,) and was making… Continue reading Winter Eat Clean Meal Challenge #1

Best Eat Clean Granola Recipe on Planet Earth

Best Eat Clean Granola Recipe on Planet Earth.  Sounds like a bold statement until you start looking at the ingredients labels on most granolas you see at the grocer, and realize most of them are anything but clean. The inspiration for making this originally from the fantastic, very funny vegetarian cookbook “Thug Kitchen; eat like… Continue reading Best Eat Clean Granola Recipe on Planet Earth

Eat Clean Helpful Tip’s

Are you pursuing a healthier lifestyle, particulary with food consumption, and looking for ways in which you can more easily achieve that? Treat yourself to a few quality kitchen tools. Much like a new pair of shoes, with a quality kitchen tool you’re inspired to want to use them and test them out. They’re more… Continue reading Eat Clean Helpful Tip’s

Eat Clean Veggie Fried Rice Recipe

I ate some chicken fried rice from a take out place a few nights ago (Leo’s Chow Mein) and it was tasty, but not exceptional by any means, and anything but clean in looks, content and taste.  Way too oily (likely not a quality oil) darkly colored (probably from dark colored sweeteners and soy sauce,)… Continue reading Eat Clean Veggie Fried Rice Recipe