Diet Changes lead to Huge Improvement for NBA Player

I just read the article, “The Real-Life Diet of Victor Oladipo, the Pacers’ Newly-Jacked Franchise Player” about how NBA player Victor Oladipo, (along with an improved workout regimen,) changed his diet over the offseason, and how much his physique and energy levels improved, along with much improved play on the court (he should easily win the… Continue reading Diet Changes lead to Huge Improvement for NBA Player

Simple Self Defense Tip’s

For Valentine’s Day, since women are much more likely to be victims of assault I’m sharing self defense tip’s picked up through the years from self defense drills in the old Chung Moo Day’s, books, classes, etc. These are the notes that were used when I taught a self defense class at a law firm a… Continue reading Simple Self Defense Tip’s

Simple Top Training Focus Technique

When an exercise movement starts to get tough, the body will always encourage taking the path of least resistance.  It’s always good practice to listen to these signals, but everyone has a different pain threshold when that nagging muscle burn starts, and sometimes if one is more sensitive to that muscle burn, it can be… Continue reading Simple Top Training Focus Technique

Personal Training Tip, The Two Types of Clients

I was having a discussion with one of my old martial arts instructors a few years back (Instructor Dave, mentioned in Tai Chi and Road Rage) and he was giving all sorts of valuable advice, when the discussing came to teaching methods, and how to motivate students. He said there’s only two types of training;… Continue reading Personal Training Tip, The Two Types of Clients

3 Fun POWER Training Exercises

“You’re only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.” -Ambrose Bierce Let’s face it; Working out can suck.  The fun often doesn’t come until after the workout is done, when the endorphins you earned are pumping through mind and body. There’s a reason the word “work” is within “workout.” Doing it the right way… Continue reading 3 Fun POWER Training Exercises

Top 5 Training Client Pet Peeves, and Ways to Correct Them

First, for all of these rules, (as with most things in life,) honesty is the best policy, and the vast majority of people will always respect that.  Like my Uncle Dan once told me, as long as people know you’re in their corner they’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Here are… Continue reading Top 5 Training Client Pet Peeves, and Ways to Correct Them

Back and Bicep’s Workout

I was inspired to write this back and bicep’s workout off of “Johnny Two Plates,” Blog where he has some good workouts, along with an often very humorous delivery. I’ve never been one to neglect my biceps (this isn’t completely bragging, keep reading). It’s always the first thing most people notice when looking at an… Continue reading Back and Bicep’s Workout