Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Health

The first thing that is essential for giving your dog a happy, healthy life is regular walks; a dog’s nose is up to 40x more sensitive than a humans, depending on the dog. Just imagine if your nose was just twice as sensitive.  It would probably be the last time you ate fast food. When observing… Continue reading Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Eat Clean Fortune Cookie Tip #2

What is the common base for most processed and boxed foor, whether it’s crackers, sweets, breads, pastas, etc.?   Wheat, usually refined and often accompanied by corn, soy, cheap unhealthy oil(s), and salt and sugar in overabundant amounts. It’s hard to avoid, the only way to know is by looking at the ingredients, but one… Continue reading Eat Clean Fortune Cookie Tip #2

Clean Eating Challenge #2

I usually grocery shop once a week, as I like to see the weekly specials a grocer has (especially ALDI and the co-op) so I can get the best nutritonal value for my dollar, as mentioned in this blog from a few weeks ago. Everytime I go to ALDI, it seems like it’s a little buser… Continue reading Clean Eating Challenge #2

5 Best Exercises to Maximize Workout Time

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog “Inexpensive Clean Eating Shopping Tips” where I talked about how when it comes to budget grocery shopping, the goal is to maximize your nutritional value for the minimum amount of money spent, and the best foods to purchase towards that pursuit, and which grocer’s seem to have the best… Continue reading 5 Best Exercises to Maximize Workout Time

Best Eat Clean Granola Recipe on Planet Earth

Best Eat Clean Granola Recipe on Planet Earth.  Sounds like a bold statement until you start looking at the ingredients labels on most granolas you see at the grocer, and realize most of them are anything but clean. The inspiration for making this originally from the fantastic, very funny vegetarian cookbook “Thug Kitchen; eat like… Continue reading Best Eat Clean Granola Recipe on Planet Earth

Eat Clean Challenge #1

I’ve used this challenge with personal training clients, friends, and my brothers who work in the trades, and are often eating their lunch “food” through a drive thru window. Some are a little skeptical when I present it, but everyone after doing the challenge realizes what a direct connection there is between the food they… Continue reading Eat Clean Challenge #1