Getting Started (Exercise regimen)

“Starting an exercise regimen is like pushing a gigantic rock. Think of the rock as..”


Myth of the Century “Healthy Eating is Expensive”

Well,  heard it again this week at the gym, and nothing “triggers” me more than when someone mentions that they can’t eat healthy because “it’s so expensive.” I always stop them in their tracks before they continue any further because it always sounds the same, and it’s gotten so tiresome, and so lame, (not to… Continue reading Myth of the Century “Healthy Eating is Expensive”

It’s not the Space that defines You

I was working out at the gym in between training sessions a few years ago, and this really wiry older guy who often came in with cut off jean shorts and a red tank top was doing one of his unique workouts.  The exercises within his workouts were different each time he came in, but… Continue reading It’s not the Space that defines You

Starting a Push-Up Regimen

I came across a GREAT book at Goodwill a few years back entitled “7 weeks to 100 Push Ups” and I highly recommend this book to anyone starting a workout regimen or looking to switch it up a little bit, even if you’re an experienced lifter. Since starting this program a few years ago, my push-up… Continue reading Starting a Push-Up Regimen

Starting a workout regimen

Starting something new and unfamiliar is always a scary prospect, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. The truth is exercise is pretty simple in theory, but not always easy in practice. A quote I saw posted on an elementary school gymnasium wall sums it up perfectly, “Fitness, move it, you’ll get it.”  And… Continue reading Starting a workout regimen