Diet and Exercise Cults

I rented a book from the library, “Diet Cults,” and started reading it a few nights ago, and it was eye opening and has been hard to put down. The first few chapters talked about the history of diets, and how people will adopt a particular way of eating as “The One True Way,” and then… Continue reading Diet and Exercise Cults

The Processed Food Matrix

Remember the scene in “The Matrix” where Neo has the choice of taking the red pill to open his eyes to the reality of what actually is, or taking the blue pill and remaining comfortable, but blind to the reality of things? A similar choice occurs within The Processed Food Matrix we live in today.… Continue reading The Processed Food Matrix

1,000 Squats Every Day (For 38 years)

I read an ESPN tribute article a few weeks back to Jaromir Jagr, the Methuselah of the NHL recently being out on waivers, likely ending his career at the age of 45 years young. The article was going through some of his amazing career highlights and statistics, and they had a lot of fun, fascinating… Continue reading 1,000 Squats Every Day (For 38 years)

Plant a Knowledge Seed in Someone

I can’t remember the first time a knowledge seed was planted within, but there is a favorite memory of being in Mrs. Roofe’s 2nd grade grade class and being a surprise winner of a book reading contest, which really boosted the learning self esteem, and greatly enhanced a love of reading. For the contest, the… Continue reading Plant a Knowledge Seed in Someone

Simple Self Defense Tip’s

For Valentine’s Day, since women are much more likely to be victims of assault I’m sharing self defense tip’s picked up through the years from self defense drills in the old Chung Moo Day’s, books, classes, etc. These are the notes that were used when I taught a self defense class at a law firm a… Continue reading Simple Self Defense Tip’s

Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

When most think of Nutritional Yeast, they probably think of homemade beer brewing, as that’s gotten really popular the past few years, but up until recently I’ve only thought of it as delicious atop popcorn. It was only learned that Nutritional Yeast is a healthy food a few years ago, when for the first time… Continue reading Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

Just Say No to the Whole 30 Diet

The vilification of whole grains (and other healthy complex carbohydrates) has gained a lot of steam the past few years with the more popular recent diets, particularly the “PALEO”, and “The Whole 30,” diets. What’s wrong with the vilification of whole grains and other complex carbohydrates? Where to start.. Perhaps most importantly, the “health” information… Continue reading Just Say No to the Whole 30 Diet