Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

A month back the inaugural Eat Clean healthy blended healthy juice recipe, “The Healthy Elvis,” was introduced. While that’s a fun recipe to switch things up, this one has become a part of the regular rotation as somewhat of a dessert. These are the six favorite vegetables and fruits added to the daily blend of fresh… Continue reading Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

Booty Workout

This program was created when I first started personal training professionally.  A client was looking to develop her posterior, and though I knew that squats and lunges were good, I wanted to go the extra mile, to make sure nothing was missing from the workout. So off to the library I went that weekend, borrowing… Continue reading Booty Workout

Plant a Fitness Seed in Someone

Although a love of fitness and good health has mostly been attributed to my own ego, looking back, the truth is there was luck involved; to be surrounded by many people that planted a fitness seed. Of course there were people seen on television; professional athletes like Kirby Puckett, and martials artists like Jean Claude… Continue reading Plant a Fitness Seed in Someone

Simple Top Training Focus Technique

When an exercise movement starts to get tough, the body will always encourage taking the path of least resistance.  It’s always good practice to listen to these signals, but everyone has a different pain threshold when that nagging muscle burn starts, and sometimes if one is more sensitive to that muscle burn, it can be… Continue reading Simple Top Training Focus Technique

The Protein Myth

A typical day at Planet Fitdis.. “Brah, how much brotein did you digest today.” (Burp. Fart. Flex.) “400 grams or so, brah, how about you.” “I just downed a mega XL, protein shake, with 55 grams of brotein per serving, I’m only up to 300 for the day.” (Burp. Fart. Flex) “Cmon, you’ve got to… Continue reading The Protein Myth

Personal Training Tip, The Two Types of Clients

I was having a discussion with one of my old martial arts instructors a few years back (Instructor Dave, mentioned in Tai Chi and Road Rage) and he was giving all sorts of valuable advice, when the discussing came to teaching methods, and how to motivate students. He said there’s only two types of training;… Continue reading Personal Training Tip, The Two Types of Clients

The Only 5 Exercise Tools You Need

These tools combined shouldn’t cost you more than $100 total, about the cost of two months at a gym membership, with the major difference being that these could last you a lifetime (I’ve had my K-Mart barbell set since 1993) and it still works perfect. 1. The Human Body (free) You only get one, but… Continue reading The Only 5 Exercise Tools You Need