The Only 5 Exercise Tools You Need

These tools combined shouldn’t cost you more than $100 total, about the cost of two months at a gym membership, with the major difference being that these could last you a lifetime (I’ve had my K-Mart barbell set since 1993) and it still works perfect. 1. The Human Body (free) You only get one, but… Continue reading The Only 5 Exercise Tools You Need

Top 5 Training Client Pet Peeves, and Ways to Correct Them

First, for all of these rules, (as with most things in life,) honesty is the best policy, and the vast majority of people will always respect that.  Like my Uncle Dan once told me, as long as people know you’re in their corner they’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Here are… Continue reading Top 5 Training Client Pet Peeves, and Ways to Correct Them

Back and Bicep’s Workout

I was inspired to write this back and bicep’s workout off of “Johnny Two Plates,” Blog where he has some good workouts, along with an often very humorous delivery. I’ve never been one to neglect my biceps (this isn’t completely bragging, keep reading). It’s always the first thing most people notice when looking at an… Continue reading Back and Bicep’s Workout

Tai Chi and Road Rage

Though I haven’t attended a church service since about fourth grade, I play basketball at a church on Thursdays with my best workout friend Titus, (mentioned in the The High Intense Cardiovascular Countdown Method.) That’s the only time I ever go to church, as I’ve always thought it was a waste of time, the air always… Continue reading Tai Chi and Road Rage

Forgotten Exercise Program of the Week “Tae Bo.”

Remember “Tae Bo?” It’s one of those somewhat forgotten infomercial exercises that I think is going to be making a comeback, along with “Sweatin’ to the Oldies,”  and “Jazzercise.” I only kid, I pray to the fitness Gods (Milo of Crete, Musashi, Morihei Ueshiba, Jack Lalanne) that those don’t make a comeback, but Tae Bo? Bring… Continue reading Forgotten Exercise Program of the Week “Tae Bo.”

Mini Exercise Challenge #1 “The John Rocker”

Remember John Rocker, the giant flame throwing relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves in the late nineties? If you do it’s probably not for his pitching acumen, but his 1999 Sports Illustrated Interview in which he gave a number of controversial statements about a wide variety of subjects and people he disliked, particularly the city of New… Continue reading Mini Exercise Challenge #1 “The John Rocker”

Hand/Eye Coordination Drill (Super Effective n’ Fun)

Skip to video at bottom for drill, if you want to skip storytime. Imaginary studies show this Sunday funday Hand/Eye Coordination drill can help reduce the odds of a case of the Mondays by up to 30%, but you can do it any day of the week if it’s better hand/eye coordination that you seek! Back in… Continue reading Hand/Eye Coordination Drill (Super Effective n’ Fun)