Eat Clean Cheat for Calorie Reduction

A question was asked a week back by a fellow blogger (who’s creating very inspirational progress with her goals) about how to reduce overall calorie intake, and how it seemed really hard on the surface when it was so easy to reach the daily caloric goal, which was 1,200 calories. The response was that it’s… Continue reading Eat Clean Cheat for Calorie Reduction

Top 3 Fitness Channels on YouTube

One aspect that can make fitness more confusing than ever today is the plethora of conflicting information available to the viewing audience, both good and bad.  Twenty years ago, you would go to the library, bookstore, or martial arts store and could for the most part obtain a book and be relatively confident that the… Continue reading Top 3 Fitness Channels on YouTube

Why All Diets Work (Temporarily)

“Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.” -Mark Twain Why do all diets work, at least temporarily, no matter if they’re high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein, low protein, and so forth? It’s simple math. Anytime you stop consuming, or in the case of most diets,… Continue reading Why All Diets Work (Temporarily)

Eat Clean Recipe “The Healthy Elvis”

“There’s only one cure for this body of mine That’s to have that “Healthy Elvis” that I love so fine! Mm mm mm, mm, yay, yay It’s all shook (or blended) up” (Thought by historians to be the original lyrics for the Elvis hit “All Shook Up.” First off, the confession must be made I’m… Continue reading Eat Clean Recipe “The Healthy Elvis”

The Best and Simplest Exercise of All

“Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.”  -Wallace Stevens Movement in any form is the oldest form of exercise known to humans, but walking especially is something we’ve always done as soon as we could.  The benefits are innumerable, the importance immeasurable, particularly when walking outside. As babies, it’s the moment when… Continue reading The Best and Simplest Exercise of All

Top 3 Excuses for an Unhealthy Lifestyle Debunked

1. “I’m not going to live forever.” Eating healthy has never been about life extension for me, but that’s often the snarky response.  It’s about having good energy day to day, and not dragging your sluggish feet through life accompanied by a slowed mind in a mental fog, much like a zombie that craves fast… Continue reading Top 3 Excuses for an Unhealthy Lifestyle Debunked

Cold Buster Haymaker “Tea” Recipe

Figured this would be a timely post to bust up all the the rich food consumption that accompanies Christmas and over the holiday’s. The inspiration for this making this drink originally came when I was working at a co-op a few years ago, and a fermented drink (“Fire Cider”) was introduced to the Health and… Continue reading Cold Buster Haymaker “Tea” Recipe