Eat Clean Challenge #3 “Flyer Liar’s”

Do you know what a “Flyer Liar” is? If not, here’s the challenge; next time you get coupon’s from a grocer in the mail, look at the discounted “food” within it.  Then discount it. Every time you get coupons in the mailbox, ask yourself, is this food healthy, or is it a nutritional sin, masquerading as… Continue reading Eat Clean Challenge #3 “Flyer Liar’s”

5 Best Exercises to Maximize Workout Time

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog “Inexpensive Clean Eating Shopping Tips” where I talked about how when it comes to budget grocery shopping, the goal is to maximize your nutritional value for the minimum amount of money spent, and the best foods to purchase towards that pursuit, and which grocer’s seem to have the best… Continue reading 5 Best Exercises to Maximize Workout Time

Eat Clean Challenge #1

I’ve used this challenge with personal training clients, friends, and my brothers who work in the trades, and are often eating their lunch “food” through a drive thru window. Some are a little skeptical when I present it, but everyone after doing the challenge realizes what a direct connection there is between the food they… Continue reading Eat Clean Challenge #1

Eat Clean, Budget Food Focus of the Week (Oats)

When I think of maximizing the value of a dollar when grocery shopping, the first thing that comes to mind is maximum nutritional value for the the minimum amount of money spent. With that goal in mind, the second goal is consuming a wide variety of healthy, nutritious food, because although some foods will have… Continue reading Eat Clean, Budget Food Focus of the Week (Oats)

Eat Clean Veggie Fried Rice Recipe

I ate some chicken fried rice from a take out place a few nights ago (Leo’s Chow Mein) and it was tasty, but not exceptional by any means, and anything but clean in looks, content and taste.  Way too oily (likely not a quality oil) darkly colored (probably from dark colored sweeteners and soy sauce,)… Continue reading Eat Clean Veggie Fried Rice Recipe

Dog Arthritis Relief Tip’s

A few years ago my furry friend Stella (a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix) started developing arthritis in her back hip area, (which is common for German Shepherds,) but also in her front right leg area, where she had impaled herself on a stick a few years ago, chasing a critter in the brush during a… Continue reading Dog Arthritis Relief Tip’s

Inexpensive Clean Eating (Breakfast)

Disclaimer:  I am not recommending to the reader of this article any diet plans or to follow what I do, just showing an example of how I eat what I consider to be clean and cheap eating.  Always do your own research and figure out what works for you (as long as it doesn’t come… Continue reading Inexpensive Clean Eating (Breakfast)