Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

When most think of Nutritional Yeast, they probably think of homemade beer brewing, as that’s gotten really popular the past few years, but up until recently I’ve only thought of it as delicious atop popcorn. It was only learned that Nutritional Yeast is a healthy food a few years ago, when for the first time… Continue reading Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

The Protein Myth

A typical day at Planet Fitdis.. “Brah, how much brotein did you digest today.” (Burp. Fart. Flex.) “400 grams or so, brah, how about you.” “I just downed a mega XL, protein shake, with 55 grams of brotein per serving, I’m only up to 300 for the day.” (Burp. Fart. Flex) “Cmon, you’ve got to… Continue reading The Protein Myth