Top 3 Fitness Channels on YouTube

One aspect that can make fitness more confusing than ever today is the plethora of conflicting information available to the viewing audience, both good and bad.  Twenty years ago, you would go to the library, bookstore, or martial arts store and could for the most part obtain a book and be relatively confident that the… Continue reading Top 3 Fitness Channels on YouTube

Quitting The White Stuff

You get excitable after doing it, then you crash. You always regret it. Sometimes it infuences bad decisions, and affects friendships.  Worst of all it’s terrible for your health, especially your teeth. It’s everywhere. No matter what town you live in, it’s a problem. There’s even been songs written about it. It’s..sugar. Don’t read this and… Continue reading Quitting The White Stuff

Top 5 Training Client Pet Peeves, and Ways to Correct Them

First, for all of these rules, (as with most things in life,) honesty is the best policy, and the vast majority of people will always respect that.  Like my Uncle Dan once told me, as long as people know you’re in their corner they’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Here are… Continue reading Top 5 Training Client Pet Peeves, and Ways to Correct Them

Eat Clean Food Swap Challenge #1

Here’s the challenge:. Try swapping out Dairy Milk for Unsweetened Almond Milk for just one week. It sounds impossible if you’re a regular milk drinker, and had you told me about 7 years ago that I wouldn’t be drinking milk today, there would have been disbelief, as I was averaging at least 1/4 gallon a day.… Continue reading Eat Clean Food Swap Challenge #1

Eat Clean Food Focus, Mighty Millet

You may look at the tiny circular grain that is millet, and say, “It’s for the birds.” That would be mostly correct as the most millet is an ingredient in bird seed, rather than human feed, though that’s a relatively new development when looked at in the timeline of millet consumption for most human beings.… Continue reading Eat Clean Food Focus, Mighty Millet

Why All Diets Work (Temporarily)

“Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.” -Mark Twain Why do all diets work, at least temporarily, no matter if they’re high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein, low protein, and so forth? It’s simple math. Anytime you stop consuming, or in the case of most diets,… Continue reading Why All Diets Work (Temporarily)

W.W.B.D. (What Would Grandpa Bud Do)

Everyone has someone that plants a seed of positive growth within them, apart from member(s) of their immediate family. Usually it’s not just one person, but a collection of different people planting different seeds within that encourage or inspire you do want to the similar thing, either because of wanting to be like the planter,… Continue reading W.W.B.D. (What Would Grandpa Bud Do)