Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

When most think of Nutritional Yeast, they probably think of homemade beer brewing, as that’s gotten really popular the past few years, but up until recently I’ve only thought of it as delicious atop popcorn.

It was only learned that Nutritional Yeast is a healthy food a few years ago, when for the first time the nutritional information was glanced at while scooping it out from the bulk bin at the co-op.


The eyes bugged out with happy surprise when the protein per serving was noted-a whopping 9 grams per, (within only 60 calories,) as well as being extremely high in dietary fiber, leucine and lysine.   Amazingly Nutritonal Yeast also contains all of the essential amino acids.

I had been eating it all along as one of my favorite “guilty” snacks; put generously atop popcorn, along with a tbs or two of Kerrygold butter, and a generous sprinkling of sea salt.


It has been a favorite snack since being a small child that would sneak into the living room late at night and grab a handful while the parents were watching “Cheers,” often eating a bowl of popcorn with nutritional yeast.

There had always been an assumption (since it tasted so good) that it wasn’t healthy.  When the habit of nutrition label reading started to get practiced though, and the numerable benefits were realized, it was a very happy surprise!

Besides the really high protein and dietary fiber content of Nutritional Yeast, it actually has a ton of other benefits.

In fact it’s one of the higher sources of leucine and lysine found in food, both of which have great benefits regarding muscle growth stimulation, and prevention of oral herpes outbreaks, respectively.

So in other words, it stimulates growth where you want it to, but stifles growth where you don’t!

Though it’s always been put atop popcorn, I recently started putting it on broccoli with a little butter, and that’s super good too!  It’s been seen in more recipes lately, but haven’t tried it in anything else.  If anyone has a favorite use for it, definitely share it!

There is the brewers yeast found in the supplement section, and there is the nutritional yeast found in the bulk bin at most co-op’s, where you usually have to go to get it, (though I’ve seen it at Trader Joe’s the past few months now).

For food recipes, make sure to get the form of nutritional yeast that’s found in the food section.  Make sure you get the flakey kind, rather than the powdered kind if you can as well.

Also, word of warning; once you’ve made popcorn in a stovetop with a little bit of coconut oil, it’s hard to go back to the microwaved variety.  I only tried it a few years ago, and it’s easier than imagined.  Plus with stovetop popcorn you’ve got a few more options wth the varieties of corn (yellow, white, rainbow, etc.) that all lend a slightly different flavor.

Usually just get the yellow popcorn from ALDI, but this was on sale at the co-op yesterday.

To recap, Nutritonal Yeast is super good for you, and also extremely delicious-a rare combo!  It’s a hard taste to describe but it’s a unique cheesy flavor.  It’s hard to imagine there being a better cheese alternative for someone who’s lactose intolerant individual (as quite a few of those cheese “alternatives” have been quite disappointing).



13 thoughts on “Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

  1. Is brewer’s yeast the same as nutritional yeast as I discovered that through the Oh She Glows cheese sauces, so good!!
    I’ve always made popcorn on the stove- can’t bring myself to use microwave stuff with all those chemicals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I have to edit the title to Nutritional Yeast lol! That’s what it says on the co-op, I’ve just always known it as brewers yeast. Looks like they’re a little different in taste, and there’s also some nutritional discrepancies.

      I’ve got to try a few of those sauces, I’ve got the Oh She Glows cookbook App, good reminder to make some more of her recipes!

      Yuppers, that microwave popcorn tastes like cardboard after going back to it, after the stovetop method (only tried it once lol). Plus, as you mentioned there’s the chemical concern, I know they use that controversial chemical for the lining-no thanks!

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      1. Ok I was wondering:)
        Her life affirming nacho dip is amazing!!!!
        My brothers used to beg me to make them popcorn,lol and so would their friends after they had had it once. I never thought of putting nutritional yeast on it though. That may be my dinner tonight!

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      2. Okay, I’m definitely going to try that nacho dip!! The name alone makes it a must try lol!

        Definitely try it on popcorn, you will not be disappointed! Be generous with the nutritional yeast (edited that btw, thanks for the heads up!) as it’s so protein and nutrient packed : )

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    1. Oh, it’s so good on popcorn!! Definitely try it out!

      Maybe just start off with a few tablespoons to make sure you like it, but I’ve never had anyone dislike yet, and some people get hooked immediately! Which is a bonus as the protein, and nutrition content is so high, despite the calories being really low.

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