Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

When most think of Nutritional Yeast, they probably think of homemade beer brewing, as that’s gotten really popular the past few years, but up until recently I’ve only thought of it as delicious atop popcorn. It was only learned that Nutritional Yeast is a healthy food a few years ago, when for the first time… Continue reading Eat Clean Focus, Nutritional Yeast

Eat Clean Cheat for Calorie Reduction

A question was asked a week back by a fellow blogger (who’s creating very inspirational progress with her goals) about how to reduce overall calorie intake, and how it seemed really hard on the surface when it was so easy to reach the daily caloric goal, which was 1,200 calories. The response was that it’s… Continue reading Eat Clean Cheat for Calorie Reduction

Top 5 Eat Clean Foods For Dogs

Though I’m not dog dietitian, these are five foods that have made an amazing impact in the quality of Stella’s life, reducing the magnitude of her arthritis pain, and greatly improving her energy level. The idea to add a lot of these “Eat Clean Dog Foods” came from “The Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer,” website after… Continue reading Top 5 Eat Clean Foods For Dogs

Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

A month back the inaugural Eat Clean healthy blended healthy juice recipe, “The Healthy Elvis,” was introduced. While that’s a fun recipe to switch things up, this one has become a part of the regular rotation as somewhat of a dessert. These are the six favorite vegetables and fruits added to the daily blend of fresh… Continue reading Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

The Truth About Supplements (hint, follow the money)

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” -P.T. Barnum There’s a lot of misinformation and questionable advice out there when it comes to fitness and proper nutrition, the main reason being that magazines, people, and articles are often pursuing ways in which to sell a product, (usually a worthless supplement,) or to be the first to… Continue reading The Truth About Supplements (hint, follow the money)

Quitting The White Stuff

You get excitable after doing it, then you crash. You always regret it. Sometimes it infuences bad decisions, and affects friendships.  Worst of all it’s terrible for your health, especially your teeth. It’s everywhere. No matter what town you live in, it’s a problem. There’s even been songs written about it. It’s..sugar. Don’t read this and… Continue reading Quitting The White Stuff

“People” Magazine Sinks to a Cavernous New Low

Getting out of church tonight after much praying (for errant shooting, as I play basketball Thursdays there,) I wished everyone well and headed for the freshly plowed parking lot. Par usual pesky defense was played, plenty of assists were dished, and the shooting stunk, (probably going about 1 for 9 for the six or so… Continue reading “People” Magazine Sinks to a Cavernous New Low