Eat Clean Cheat for Calorie Reduction

A question was asked a week back by a fellow blogger (who’s creating very inspirational progress with her goals) about how to reduce overall calorie intake, and how it seemed really hard on the surface when it was so easy to reach the daily caloric goal, which was 1,200 calories. The response was that it’s… Continue reading Eat Clean Cheat for Calorie Reduction

Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

A month back the inaugural Eat Clean healthy blended healthy juice recipe, “The Healthy Elvis,” was introduced. While that’s a fun recipe to switch things up, this one has become a part of the regular rotation as somewhat of a dessert. These are the six favorite vegetables and fruits added to the daily blend of fresh… Continue reading Super Six Eat Clean Juice Blend

Eat Clean Food Focus – The Mighty Potato

“What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.” -A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh author, playwright, poet) Most people, well most Americans at least when they think of the potato, have the idea it is an unheathy food.  Based on sound nutrition from people… Continue reading Eat Clean Food Focus – The Mighty Potato

Winter Eat Clean Meal Challenge #1

Acorn squash gives me magical powers. The first time I ever made it was a year ago in the Fall, when it was in season and on sale at the co-op.  I had the Ambiano blender ($70 Aldi vitamix knockoff that is very comparable which I’ve gotten a ton of use out of,) and was making… Continue reading Winter Eat Clean Meal Challenge #1

Eat Clean Challenge #3 “Flyer Liar’s”

Do you know what a “Flyer Liar” is? If not, here’s the challenge; next time you get coupon’s from a grocer in the mail, look at the discounted “food” within it.  Then discount it. Every time you get coupons in the mailbox, ask yourself, is this food healthy, or is it a nutritional sin, masquerading as… Continue reading Eat Clean Challenge #3 “Flyer Liar’s”

Eat Clean Challenge #1

I’ve used this challenge with personal training clients, friends, and my brothers who work in the trades, and are often eating their lunch “food” through a drive thru window. Some are a little skeptical when I present it, but everyone after doing the challenge realizes what a direct connection there is between the food they… Continue reading Eat Clean Challenge #1